Camps and Pumping/Repeater Stations
Two main camps were set up for the supply and administration of Canol 1. One was at Johnson’s Crossing, at the junction of the Alaska Highway, eighty miles east of Whitehorse. The other main camp was Camp Canol, 520 miles from Johnson’s Crossing, on the shore of the Mackenzie River across from Norman Wells. Pipeline and all other supplies were transported to either camp for distribution on Canol 1.
...a group of Army bell tents, Quonset huts, and other wooden buildings... (view more details)
Pipeliners... lived in these mobile trailers
"Pipeliners", the men who set and welded the pipe, lived in these mobile trailers (wanigans) (view more details)
Canol Construction Camps
As construction progressed away from the two main camps, crews working on the Canol Road, pipeline and telephone line lived in smaller camps along the Canol Road or in mobile trailers that were pulled by tractors. The pipeline crews followed along behind the road crews, laying their pipe down and welding it.
Pumping stations were required along each pipeline section (Canol 1, 2, 3, 4) to push the oil through. There were 10 pumping stations between Camp Canol and Whitehorse. Each station had a pumphouse, storage tank, light plant, mess hall and dormitory. The pumping station crews consisted of four operators.
Quonset huts at Camp Canol, February, 1944. They were often called "igloos" by construction workers. (view more details)
Quonset huts
C.C. "Red" Turner, chief of the tractor crews on the Norman Road, February 19, 1943...(view more details)
C.C. "Red" Turner, chief of the tractor crews on the Norman Road
A telephone system was also constructed between Norman Wells and Johnson’s Crossing to link into the telephone system along the Alaska Highway. The telephone line was laid on poles and there were six repeater stations between Norman Wells and Whitehorse. Each station employed three repeater men and two line men.
Walter Fox standing beside his dog team...(view more details)
Walter Fox standing beside his dog team